Hot air ballooning over the Serengeti National Park


We have listed six suggested journeys below, but they are simply to help you understand what typically combines well together in a high end safari experience. We fully customize your own journey, using your feedback and our local knowledge as a meeting point of minds, budgets and ideas.

Each experience is hand-picked and tested by our industry professionals. These suggested 5-star packages combine incredible luxury, personalized service, and unique accommodations. Sometimes, the huge array of choices for top-end tours and hotels to Africa can be overwhelming. Our company ensures that you get the best of them all, without having to worry about organizing anything yourself. In our 23 years of service experience, we have seen that there is a need for consistency. You can expect top-level service, reputable hotels and safari lodges, and impeccable logistical planning from us. We guarantee excellently balanced itineraries and great experiences for the discerning world traveler.