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Luxury safari experts for over 25 years

The Tourism that Cares family welcomes you to a visual journey of our newly updated Luxury African collection. Our owners are a well known safari loving German speaking family, that have grown up with one foot in Africa, and one foot in Europe for 3 generations. Their family's passion for conservation, gave them access to some of the best safari areas on the continent, and they have trained up a team around them, to bring the finest safari experiences to you, the discerning traveller.

This expert team of top end travel planners  have been assisting discerning travellers from around the world plan and book high-end safaris for over 25 years. Our safari experiences are luxurious and independent, and each trip is designed in a bespoke, consultative fashion, to suit your personal tastes. When you book with us, you’ll benefit from our broad footprint of preferred lodges, safari logistics and hand picked teams. We are well positioned to design a trip that requires local on site operational and logistical support,  in every country we work with on the continent.


Our handpicked destinations are for you, the discerning traveler. The most iconic locations, luxurious lodges and hotels offer an experience epitomizing friendly African hospitality, bound to beckon you to return to this wonderfully diverse continent time and time again.

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